LA-DAMA-DE-BOLLINI-EXPOSICION-006La Dama de Bollini is a wonderful art lounge bar, owned by Lionel Bollini.  It has a fantastic atmosphere.The club and bar is brimming with an incredible atmosphere.Full of  interesting people, artists, poets, and many wonderful musicians.  It is located on Pje. Bollini 2281, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The  people vary from all ages.It usually starts with an early evening meal or glass of wine with patrons enjoying soft blues, jazz and of coarse the wonderful Tangos for which everyone knows gives Argenina, Buenos Aires its own personal feeling and passion,as well as sounds from across South America – the musicians are astonishing ,

LA-DAMA-DE-BOLLINI-EXPOSICION-004A darkly lit cafe bar at street level.You step in from a narrow cobbled street which has traditional(Spanish influenced) Argentinian houses.

Bands from across South America then arrive to perform through the night.  The atmosphere is really warm, friendly,lts just incredible.

This brief account of the place does not do La Dama de Bollini justice.  You can see the venue for yourself on their Facebook page on this link here.