Do you know when you are out on the streets you see people begging or in doorways.  You have to look at these people and think there but for the grace of God go I.  Behind every face is a story, why not talk to them you might learn something like I did  after one such meeting I was drawn to write a poem.  I am no poet, but I am relating my words to you to share from my heart to yours:    TO THE HOMELESS AND LOST

This love, this life, this lonely strife
Missing faces filling empty chairs
Shadows cast across empty stares
We all try so hard when we’re so so alone
The ones we love no longer at home.
The streets are full of the lonely and lost
Surrounded by the throngs of the yet untouched
No thoughts of kindness towards their plight
To the yet untouched an ugly sight.
Lift up your souls cast down your eyes
look at their hands, their eyes, their hair
Touch them gently, show them you care.

Thank You and always think of others with love in your heart, Phil x